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Minibus Seat Covers - 17 and 18 Seaters

Ford Transit Minibus Euro 6
2014 Models onwards

Town and Country seat covers accommodate both versions of the Euro 6 Minibus which are Trend and Base.

The Trend version has seats that recline and have folding arm rests. Our seat covers allow for the seats to recline and fully cover the arm rests.

The Base version has seats that do not recline nor have folding arm rests. Our Base tailored covers are made to fit this model.

The Base covers will also fit the Trend version thus disabling the use of the reclining seats and folding arm rests. This can be ideal for users who do not require the functionality of the Trend seats eg. schools.

Due to small differences in seat sizes, to avoid problems when fitting, please refer to our fitting instructions below.

Colours: Black, Grey

seat covers colours

Ford Transit Minibus
Models to 2014

The Ford Transit 17 seater ran up to 2012, then from December 2011 to 2014 changed to Euro 5 although they are both 17 seaters the layout changed to suit EU Regulations.

Vehicles typically conform to the layout shown in the diagrams. Although this can vary slightly, Town and Country Covers will fit all combinations of Ford seat layouts.

minibus seat covers
minibus seat covers

Colours: Black, Grey

seat covers colours

Renault Master / Vauxhall Movano Minibus

Full 17 seat minibus set for the Renault Master / Vauxhall Movano.

This set is tailored to fit the factory fitted minibus set for these vehicles allowing access for rear integral seatbelts.

Vehicles should conform to the layout shown in the diagrams.

Colour: Grey

seat covers colours