Vehicle Seat Covers

The box should contain one double back, two single bases and two head rests.

Step 1

First fit the head rest covers. Slide the head rest covers over the headrest, pull down firmly and fasten the velcro.

transit seat cover

Step 2

Next fit the double seat back. Open the vertical Velcro seam, pull the seat belt through and then re-make the seam.

transit seat cover

Step 3

Secure the Velcro straps at the bottom around the round horizontal bar found beneath the seat base.

transit seat cover

Step 4

Now fit the seat base covers. Pass the forward most Velcro straps forward of the hinge as shown in the photo and mate the two straps together.

transit seat cover

Step 5

Now make up the other two Velcro straps snugly.

transit seat cover

Step 6

Pull the centre strap firmly and make it up around the cross straps.

transit seat cover

Repeat these steps for the second seat base and the job is finished.