Vehicle Seat Covers

The box should contain three pieces comprising one full cover, one head rest cover and one arm rest cover.

Step 1

Fit the full cover first. Slide the seat cover over the headrest and pull down firmly.

transit seat cover

Step 2

Fit the cover around the left side seat adjuster. The seat adjuster hole on the right side is for use on vehicles fitted with the optional two single front seats.

transit seat cover

Step 3

Fasten the velcro around the head stalks then push the tubular seat cleat through between the vertical and horizontal parts of the seat.

transit seat cover

Step 4

Pull the cover over the base of the seat.

transit seat cover

Step 5

Tuck down between the plastic side panel and the cushion.

transit seat cover

Step 6

Pull the Velcro tapes around to the back of the seat and fasten.

transit seat cover

Slide the armrest on and secure the Velcro tapes. Fit the headrest cover and secure the Velcro tapes and the job is finished.