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Transit Custom Van Seat Covers

The new Transit Custom is the best selling van in the UK. The seats have various elements of complexity including a storage compartment under the passenger seat. Our seat covers are specifically designed to fit these more sophisticated seats combining full access and protection.

The vehicle also has the option of rear seats which can be a Crew Cab Van or an eight or nine seater minibus. Refer to our minibus section for further details.

van seat covers

Transit 2014 Driver Seat Cover

This cover is designed for the single driver or passenger seat in the Transit Custom or the 2014 onwards Transit Van.


  • Fitting is made easy due to the Velcro slots
  • Base is held in place by our specially designed 'tuck-in' system
  • Velcro slots at side of cover allow access to armrest and seat adjuster controls
  • Designed to fit both right and left hand drive vehicles
  • Separate headrest and armrest covers
  • Protects back of seat

In the box: Three pieces comprising one full cover, one headrest and one armrest.

Part Number: TCS
Fitting Guide

Transit Custom Front Double Seat Cover

This seat cover is designed to fit the double passenger in the Ford Transit Custom Van.


  • Separate base covers allow for under seat storage
  • Separate headrest covers allows full adjustment
  • Back cover is held in place with Velcro slots
  • Covers back of seat
  • Accommodates integrated seat belts

In the box: Five pieces comprising one double passenger back cover, two base covers and two headrests.

Part Number: TCD
Fitting Guide

Transit Custom Crew Seat Cover

This seat cover has been designed to fit the treble bench seat behind the driver of the Transit Custom Crew Cab Van.

For folding seats use our Transit Custom Tourneo / Kombi (TCTK) Cover below.


  • Separate headrest covers allows full adjustment
  • Allows access to integrated seat belt
  • Velcro holds cover neatly in place
  • Covers back of seat

In the box: Contains one triple seat cover plus three separate headrest covers.

Part Number: TCC

Transit Custom Tourneo / Kombi Seat Cover

This seat cover has been designed to fit the treble individual folding seats in the Transit Custom Kombi and the Transit Custom Tourneo.

For seats that do not fold use our Transit Custom Crew (TCC) seat cover above.


  • Separate headrest and armrest covers allows full adjustment
  • Individual back of seat covers allow seats to fold
  • Allows for individual folding of seats and seat removal functions
  • Separate base covers to ensure a perfect fit

In the box: Ten pieces comprising three seat backs, one double seat base, one single seat base, two arm rests and three headrests.

Part Number: TCTK
Fitting Guide

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