On & Off Faster Than Greased Lightning

The only fast-fitting seat cover you'll ever need - perfect for the gym, sports training, the beach, or anywhere else you need protection without hassle.

Town & Country's Signature Protection, Just Faster.

Heavy Duty. Made from the same rugged material as our tailored covers for protection you can rely on.

Rapid Fit. If you turn off the lights you could put this on your seat before the room gets dark.

Waterproof. Sweaty from the gym? British summer got you soggy? Not a problem. You can sit on this in wet clothes with confidence.

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Designed for the active individual.

Look, we get it. Sometimes you buy a car for its sleek interior. You couldn't say no to the classy leather or slick race-style seats and now you want to show them off along with the rest of your car. You don't want to hide them underneath a seat cover, why would you? But in the same breath, the thought of ruining those seats sends shivers down your spine. You change outside your car after the gym to spare your seats from sweaty clothes. You cringe when your partner hops in the passenger seat covered in sand from the beach. Muddy country walks result in frantically trying to cover as much as you can with an old towel.

The Fast-Fit cover has been designed to be whipped on and off in seconds so you can get our signature protection when you need it. It is designed to be simply looped over the headrest of your seat and is secured with an elasticated strap. It couldn't be easier. Then once you're done with it, it comes off just as easily and folds down small enough to tuck in your glove box or the side of your door.

The protection you need, faster than you thought you could get it.