We throw around the words 'heavy-duty' and 'waterproof' a lot on our website, but what does that actually mean in real terms? Well, put simply, we put our seat covers through a wide range of independent tests to make sure we have earned the right to use those words. We do this because alongside the fit, the material is the single most important factor in our seat covers.

What are the covers made from?

All our tailored and universal covers are made from a 600-denier polyester with a waterproof polyurethane backing (600D/PU). They are hand-designed in the UK meaning we have total control over the process, which allows us to avoid seams on critical parts of the cover to ensure zero water leakage and friction damage. We use overlocked seams for extra strength and to prevent water leaking through. Once designed and produced, the covers are then put through a series of tests which include:

  • The polyester is coated with a polyurethane backing, which is what makes them waterproof to a hydrostatic head standard of over 600 mm (BS EN ISO 105-E01:2013).
  • Tear Strength by Falling Pendulum (Elmendorf) Apparatus (BS EN ISO 13937-1:2000): 9kg
  • Seam Strength (BS EN ISO 13935 Part 2:2014): 17.6kg STB
  • Abrasion Resistance (BS EN ISO 12947-1 & 2:1999 & BS EN ISO 12947-2:2016) 9kPa:> 100,000 rubs.
  • Colour Fastness to Water (BS EN ISO 105-E01:2013) = 4-5
  • Colour Fastness to Washing (BS EN ISO 105-C06:2010) A2S 40°C = 4-5
  • Colour Fastness to Light (BS EN ISO 105-B02:2014) = 6+
  • Oil Repellent - BS EN ISO 14419:2010 Textiles Hydrocarbon Resistance Test = 5.5 repellence grade.
  • Washing machine safe and oil retardant.

What about the fit?

In 2019, we invested in Gerber "Accumark" software so we could transition into digital patterning of seat covers. Using this technology means our factories are able to precisely replicate our designs for a stitch-perfect fit every time. 

This combination of digital laser-cutting and rigorous testing helps us maintain the high standards people expect from Town & Country Covers, ensures every seat cover we make will provide unrivalled protection for your seats. 

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