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Protect your seats and the resale value of your van with our heavy-duty Toyota Hilux seat covers. Our seat covers have been designed to keep your seats looking pristine by protecting them against dirt, dust, mud, grime, spills, food, pet hair, and everything in between. 

To deliver unmatched levels of protection we put our Toyota Hilux seat covers through durability and waterproof testing you can rely on for years to come, regardless of what you use your van for. They are waterproof to a hydrostatic head standard of over 600mm and are tested for tear strength, seam strength, and abrasion resistance. The seat covers are secured to your Hilux using our proprietary tuck-in system and are further held in place with strong hook and loop straps. This prevents the original seat from being exposed when you move around in the seat and provides extra comfort.

To ensure the fit of our Hilux seat covers is stitch-perfect, we use cutting-edge Accumark technology.  Our designer hand patterns the covers around the original seats of the Toyota Hilux before they are digitally measured and laser cut. Having the seat covers made-to-measure in this way allows you to access all functions of the original seat such as adjusters and storage.

Fit - Tailored to fit the Toyota Hilux Icon, Invincible and Invincible X models (2015 onwards).

The front covers will fit all models of Toyota Hilux Double Cab.

These front seat covers will not fit Toyota Hilux Single or Extra Cab.

The rear covers are a 60/40 split on the base.

Features - Allows for adjustable headrests, integrated airbags, and all seat adjustments.

Key Benefits
  • Easy to install
  • Heavy-duty, waterproof protection for your seats
  • Oil and dirt resistant
  • Ultra-strong overlocked
  • Hand-designed to fit the Toyota Hilux
  • Access to all seat functions
  • Comfortable
  • Secure
What does it fit?

What models do these Toyota Hilux seat covers fit?

These seat covers are tailored to fit the driver/single front passenger in the Toyota Hilux Double Cab models
The rear seats are designed to fit the 60/40 split version and will not fit the seats found in the "Icon" grade. They are designed to fit the Active, Invincible and Invincible X versions.

Airbag Compatibility

The safety of you and your family is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we have designed this cover to allow the full function of your seat-mounted airbags. Modern side-impact airbags are designed to inflate from the side of your seat in the case of an impact collision (an airbag or SRS label may be stitched into your seat as a warning). If a seat cover is not fitted with airbag compatible technology, then a collision can result in the airbag not deploying correctly or even being deflected behind the occupant, causing a ballooning effect. This can cause serious injury or death. Our covers have been tested to automotive standards and can be used safely with your vehicle.


600 Denier polyester (top)

Waterproof polyurethane backing (600D/PU)

Our material is put through rigorous testing to ensure its unrivalled quality.


We have been making seat covers for more than 35 years, and thanks to that experience we've created a product we're so confident in that we're willing to back it with a 2-year guarantee.  Our promise to you is a full refund or replacement in the instance of any manufacturing or material defect. See our refund policy for more info.

what's in the box?

Front Set

This product comes in six pieces:

  • 2 x base covers
  • 2 x backrest covers
  • 2 x headrest covers

Rear Set

This product is designed to fit the 60/40 split seat fount in the Toyota Hilux Active, Toyota Hilux Invincible and Toyota Hilux Invincible X. 

This cover will not fit the rear seats in the Toyota Hilux Icon (grade) model.
This product comes in seven pieces:

  • 1 x small headrest cover
  • 2 x large headrest covers
  • 1 x backrest cover
  • 1 x armrest cover
  • 1 x double base cover
  • 1 x single base cover

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